360° of product with configurator

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360° of product with configurator

Postby blueye89 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:08 pm

Hello to all,
As a 3D designer who works with CAD tools such as Inventor, Solidworks and NX, I am looking for a right 360° tool to make better presentation of my products.
I found on youtube many videos which confirm that 360 Web Rotate is awesome tool.
My question: What do I need to provide possibility to my visitors to modify my product (such as changing length, width, height, number of holes...)? How it works? What do you suggest?

Any help is very appreciated!

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Re: 360° of product with configurator

Postby Megiddo » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:31 am

I too am wondering about being able to have the visitors to my website be able to change colors of different parts of an item after I create the 360 view.

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Re: 360° of product with configurator

Postby WebSupport » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:26 pm


Our 360 product viewer requires a set of standalone JPG or PNG images. In the case of 3D product modeling (Solidworks, etc), it's preferable to pre-render the images upfront for further web use because it still takes hours for powerful CPUs and GPUs to produce photo-realistic imagery. I.e, it's not possible to render a 3d product model with acceptable quality (e.g for e-commerce) on-the-fly inside a browser. Especially when it comes to mobile devices..

So for the product configurators, our customers usually pre-render all images for multiple options in their 3d design software and then use our viewer API (programming interface) to load published 360 or 3D product views according to user selection.

Here's an old example of in-place re-loading and you can see the latest APIs in action by publishing a test project using the JavaScript API template in SpotEditor (our desktop publisher - download) that you can select on the Publish form or review this user guide under Web Integration and APIs:

https://webrotate360.s3.amazonaws.com/s ... Readme.pdf

PS: if you are not using 3D rendering software to produce images, a popular workflow is to hire a graphic designer who can help with color substitution based on a set of original 360 product photography. In other words, there're many companies and contractors out there who would be happy to take your 360 product images and provide you with multiple sets of modified images based on your color options. Or you may also photograph each combination separately.

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