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Re: Announcements

Postby WebSupport » Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:10 am

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.6.5 build 507

Additions and fixes:

[+] Added built-in web server in SpotEditor for local previews (local browser config is no longer needed).
[+] Introduced video, thirty-party content (iFrames) and scrollable content in lightbox popups with granular sizing.
[+] Added "Max zoom" control to allow zooming further than the size of high-res images or to limit zoom for crisper details.
[+] Added a new feature to allow automatically spin views on page scroll with granular control.
[+] Added new "Zoom to hotspot indicator" action under Control actions on the Hotspot form.
[+] Added option to always zoom to image center (for narrow objects, etc).
[+] Added configurable direction for "Play to label" action on the Hotspot form.
[+] Added Microsoft Edge support in SpotEditor previews on Windows and Mac.
[+] Added configurable image auto-size on import in SpotEditor when creating a new project (previously fixed to 2000px).
[+] Added indexed PNG image support.
[+] Added right-align option for hotspot text content.
[+] Added preloading of the first image element in hotspot text content so there's no delay when a hotspot is first activated.
[+] Improved precision of hotspot path by transitioning to float operations.
[+] Lightbox popups will now close on Escape key.
[!] Fixed PNG images to retain transparency on import when auto-size is selected.
[!] Fixed lightbox hotspot popups to respect configurable content fade-in / fade-out timings.
[!] Fixed scaled-down hotspot indicators (e.g when auto-scaled on small screens) to return back to normal size when zoomed.
[!] Fixed issue in 3.6.5 where _blank hyperlink action caused hotspot indicators to trigger new tab before showing a popup.
[!] Fixed issue in 3.6.5 where panning in zoomed state would break if the view contained a "lightbox" hotspot.
[!] Fixed issue where opening an existing project via mouse double-click in File Open dialog could corrupt a hotspot path.
[!] Fixed usability issues on the Hotspot form where certain features were not enabled or disabled based on user selection.
[!] Fixed bug in view reload (triggered via API or hotspot action) where mouse or touch events produced errors during reload.
[+] SpotEditor - reworked Control tab for ease of use (separated zoom settings into a separate tab).
[+] SpotEditor - added more crop allowance under Images -> Tool so any part of an image can be cropped out.
[+] SpotEditor - advanced section is automatically shown on the New Project form if "Copy Project" is configured (i.e if it was used in previous session).
[+] SpotEditor - added automatic filename renaming for PixRiot compatibility on publish to support older projects.
[!] SpotEditor Mac - fixed vertical crop sliders under Images -> Tools that jumped slightly on drag start.
[!] SpotEditor Mac - fixed issue where black color selection via color picker dialog didn't save in certain installation (hotspot text color, toolbar color, etc).

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.6.5 build 116

[+] Added selected skin information into published 360 product views to allow PixRiot embed codes use "published" skin.
[+] Introduced new all.css skin that combines all existing skins and uses published (xml) information to load configured skin.
[!] Fixed macOS SpotEditor so that it can open projects created on Windows.
[!] Fixed new "always active" hotspot to not close content on click.
[!] Fixed inconsistencies in hotspot popups on iPad devices with iOS 13 and iPadOS 14.
[!] Fixed regression in first v3.6.5 beta where zoom stops working in the presence of hotspots with "lightbox" content.
[!] Fixed responsiveness of image content hotspots when in Mobile full-screen (iFrame) templates.

WebRotate 360 Product Viewer 3.6.5 build 114

[+] Implemented configurable drag acceleration option for improved image drag in views with large number of images.
[+] Implemented support for responsive hotspot indicators.
[+] Added new hotspot style with a visible & customizable link between hotspot content and its indicator.
[+] Added option to trigger (activate) hotspot content automatically on view load and optionally keep it always "on".
[+] Added configurable timing for hotspot content fade in & fade out.
[+] Added hotspot content "wrap" option to allow bypassing automatic content position adjustments when it doesn't fit.
[+] Introduced api.images.onDrag to allow detecting start & stop of image dragging.
[+] Introduced eventTrackingCallback to allow implementing custom analytics tracking.
[+] Introduced api.images.disableDragControl and enableDragControl for advanced animations.
[!] Eliminated intermediate empty screen when reloading separate views in place via API or hotspot hyperlink action.
[!] Fixed active hotspot blocking other hotspot indicators when other indicators are close by.
[!] Fixed error on clicking hotspots with configured hyperlink action in rare scenarios.
[!] Fixed hotspot hyperlink action to ensure it opens a separate browser tabs without a warning or silent failure.
[!] Fixed an issue with a broken double-tap (to zoom or full-screen) on latest Safari in iOS.
[!] Fixed analytics events to show correct alias of a 360 product view when in full-screen mode.
[+] SpotEditor - reworked row editing under Images -> Rows so it's much easier to work with.
[+] SpotEditor - added capability to allow to cancel publishing on the Publish form once it's started.
[+] SpotEditor - added row related information in the info panel in the top-left corner.
[+] SpotEditor - implemented full keyboard control over image & row rotation using arrow keys.
[+] SpotEditor - fixed X / Y drag sensitivity to not reset to 0 when adding a second row.
[+] SpotEditor - added new Indicator Style dialog with extra styles for the new hotspot content links, fade-in & out, etc.
[!] SpotEditor - fixed an issue on German Windows where hotspot opacity was not saved correctly.
[!] SpotEditor - fixed an issue where changes on the Publish form didn't enable save button to allow saving recent edits.
[!] SpotEditor - fixed a crash in multi-row 360 product spins on Publish when "PixRiot" compatibility was checked and pre-loader image index was in a certain row.
[!] SpotEditor - changed default publishing template to Responsive.
[!] SpotEditor Mac - fixed black background when working with transparent PNG images.
[!] SpotEditor Mac - fixed "invalid pixelFormat" error on some JPG images.
[!] SpotEditor Mac - fixed slider controls to allow precise adjustments using arrow keys.
[!] SpotEdotor Mac - updated main app buttons to correctly show mouse focus.
[!] SpotEditor Mac - fixed an issue where clicking disabled toolbar controls could crash the app.

Download v3.6.5: ... aspx#other

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