Dynamic configuration change file - xml

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Dynamic configuration change file - xml

Postby ladyginpro » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:03 am

Is it possible to use, as an argument to configFileURL, not a link, but an xml file?

For example: I need to change the parameters of the config file on the fly, and I can get the standard config file and change it with js, and then I need to update the player to change the parameters I need.

Is it even possible?

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Re: Dynamic configuration change file - xml

Postby WebSupport » Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:36 am

This would usually be done on the server such that either when the page is loading or upon some ajax request your server code can generate an xml file on the fly as needed. And then the viewer script simply points to the generated xml as usual.

PS: because we always require a URL of the xml file, it's unlikely that you would be able to modify the xml in javascript in a browser.

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